Abuja gets new community-owned football club

In November 2018, it was announced that plans were underway to establish a community-owned football club to be known as Abuja Metro Football Club. The idea was borne out of the belief that the federal capital territory of Nigeria should have a modern football club that the entire metropolis could be proud of, given the rich football heritage of Nigeria as a whole.

With the vision to develop a model professional football club to compete at the highest level of association football, the seven founding members announced details on how football fans could become co-owners of the Abuja Metro FC. After a series of meetings, it was agreed that the club would be registered as a cooperative society under the Cooperative Societies Act of Nigeria and on 12 December 2018 the bye-laws were adopted.

From December 2018, three categories of shares (Green, Gold and Platinum) became available at the cost of N2,000, N5,000 and N10,000 per month. Shareholders of the club form part of the decision-making process and are entitled to vote and be voted for into the Management Board of the club.