Abuja Metro Record 6-2 Win Over Impresit FC

Abuja Metro FC began the New Year with an impressive 6-2 win over visiting Impresit FC at the GSS Garki pitch in Abuja.

XI: Pyrus Jitoboh (S. Onimisi 46′), Bernard Bitrus, Eze Vitus (A. Anuge 46′), Hussaini Abdullahi, Naphtali Oboghare, Dupsonie Ramson (F. Yusuf 46′), Yohannes Oboghare, Charles Utah, Leonard Eboh (S. Simon 50′), Ikenna Ekedoro (T. Opeyemi 46′), Henry Osundu (N. Ismail 46′)

Subs: Saka Onimisi (P. Jitoboh 46′), Andrew Anuge (E. Vitus 46′), Tony Opeyemi (I. Ekedoro 46′), Fauzil Yusuf (D. Ramson 46′), Nuhu Ismail (H. Osundu 46′), Samson Simon (L. Eboh 50′)

Away from football for 3 weeks, the lads were stunned after falling behind in the 10th minute to the visitors. Leonard Eboh drew level in the 38mins.

At half time, Coach Modebe made wholesome changes to the team, ensuring every available player tasted action in preparation for the FCT FA League.

Immediately after the half time break, defender Bernard Bitrus gave Abuja Metro FC the lead in the 48th minute. The lead was short-lived as Impresit FC fashioned out an equalizer two minutes later.

Nuhu Ismail put Abuja Metro ahead yet again in the 52nd minute before Charles Utah made it 4-2 in the 60th minute. Newly wedded Fauzil Yusuf found the net in the 65th before Tony Opeyemi wrapped up the game in the 75th minute.

It is the first time Abuja Metro FC recorded 6 goals in a match. Fauzil Yusuf was excited to be reunited with the team – “what a beautiful way to begin the year.” Charles Utah also had a great game – “It’s good to be back, great first game of the year

The team will continue preparations in readiness for the remaining group matches of the 2021/22 FCT FA League – 2nd round.

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