Abuja Metro to Participate in Pre-KOPA Super Cup

Abuja Metro FC and fifteen other clubs will via for the 2022 Pre-KOPA Super Cup in Abuja next month. Organized by Tom-G fitness, the 2022 Pre-KOPA Super Cup will act as a preseason to the third edition of the KOPA Super Cup scheduled for July 2022.

The clubs have been placed into 4 different pots and Abuja Metro FC made the first pot.

Pot 1: Abuja Metro FC, Happy Men FC, Suicide-Jubril FC, Wambai FC

Pot 2: Cruiserweight FC, Samba Boys FC, Theo FC, Budget FC

Pot 3: Zanga FC, Chief FC, White Walker FC, Mixed FC

Pot 4: DTT Boys FC, Black FC, Soccer Camps FC, City Strikers

Clubs will be drawn from each of these pots to form four groups (A to D). The group stage draws will be done live on the social media page of the organizers by 5pm on Sunday March 27, 2022. The top two in each of the groups will proceed to the quarter finals.

Group stage matches will be played from 9th to 10th of April while the knockout round begins on the 15th of April 2022.

Abuja Metro FC will face Royale FC in a friendly tomorrow at the Sheraton Hotel Pitch by 4pm.