Defeat in the Ramadan Pre-Kopa Super Cup

Abuja Metro FC’s run in the Ramadan Pre-KOPA Super Cup came to an end after a quarter final defeat to Suicide-Jubril FC.

The competition which served as a pre-season tournament for the KOPA Super Cup came to live in the quarter finals as the 8 teams fought for a spot in the last four.

AMFC Team: Ernest Odoh (GK), Anuge Andrew, Bitrus Bernard, Dupsonie Ramson, Steven Temple, Habakkuk Jonathan, Eboh Leonard

A solitary first half goal from Suicide-Jubril FC was enough to end the tie as the second half produced no further goals. It is the first match Abuja Metro FC failed to score in the Ramadan Cup.

It was a good tournament for the lads as they prepare for future competitions.