Welcome to our FAQs page, where you will find answers to general questions relating to Abuja Metro Football Club (AMFC).

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us directly at info@abujametrofc.com.ng or via our Contact page and we will be happy to answer your specific questions.

Q:        What is Abuja Metro Football Club?

A:        Abuja Metro Football Club (AMFC) is a member-owned football club, established as a Co-operative Society under the Nigerian Co-operative Societies Act. The club is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and was formed on 12 December 2018.

Q:        What is member-ownership?

A:        Member-ownership (includes supporter-ownership or community ownership) simply means that the members of the organization are the owners and exercise control over the organization. In the football industry, the member-ownership model is now widely regarded as the most sustainable and preferred structure for football clubs.

            Some of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world are member-owned (e.g. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, etc.) and there have been calls for clubs in England to embrace this model, especially given the challenges faced by some clubs in England due to unsustainable models (e.g. Portsmouth, Leeds, Middlebrough, etc.).  

Q:        What are the key features of AMFC as a member-owned club?

A:        As a member-owned football club, key features of AMFC include that we are:

  • legally structured as a co-operative society,
  • run and financed by members of the club,
  • inclusive and open to all at affordable membership contributions,
  • democratic (one member, one vote), with members being able to vote and participate in the decision-making process,
  • committed to the sustainable growth of our club and the socio-economic development of members, and
  • an integral part of the community, committed to wider community development.

Q:        What are the objectives and vision of AMFC?

A:        Our aims and objectives include the participation in association football, through which we aim to promote football and related development within our local community and wider in Nigeria. As a football club, we are committed to promoting the spirit of togetherness, inclusion and social interaction.

            Our mission is to stand out as a model football club, which the Abuja metropolis can be proud of, and our vision is to become a successful professional football club and compete at the highest level of association football.

Q:        Why was AMFC formed?

A:        AMFC isborne out of the belief that Abuja, like other capital cities across the globe, should have a modern football club that everyone can embrace and be proud of.

With this desire for Abuja to have a modern football club, there is the need for the club to be built on the foundation of a viable and sustainable football club model. So, learning from the challenges and experiences of past and existing football clubs, Abuja Metro is established as a member-owned football club.

Q:        How is AMFC funded?

A:        Whilewe work towards generating revenue from various potential sources of football revenue, the core of our start-up funding is being generated from membership dues.

We aim to progressively increase revenue being generated from other revenue streams such as merchandising, corporate sponsorships/partnerships, innovative business ideas, etc.

Admittedly, modern football particularly at the professional level is expensive. However, as we put in the hard and intelligent work to consistently grow our club brand, we are convinced that we will develop into the club that we all dream of.

Q:        How many members are envisaged to join AMFC, and how much will that generate for the club?

A:        We envisage attracting up to 1000 members within the first year of full operation, which would generate upwards of N6,000,000 per annum in guaranteed revenue.

Q:        What are the categories of members?

A:        The membership scheme of AMFC is designed primarily to encourage mass participation, and for this purpose, membership dues are targeted at disposable income. Members are shareholders of the club and there are three categories of membership/shareholding:

Membership Category Shareholding Monthly Contribution
Green 2,000 shares N2,000
Gold 5,000 shares N5,000
Platinum 10,000 shares N10,000

Q:        What are the benefits of membership of AMFC?

A:        As a member of AMFC, you become a shareholder of the club. The benefits that accrue to members, which will increase as the club grows, include:

  • admission or pro rata discounts for club games, activities, networking and other events,
  • pro rata discounts for club merchandise,
  • pro rata discounts from partner retailers,
  • a pro rata share of club profits/net-surplus,
  • the right to attend and vote at general meetings of the club,
  • the right to vote and be voted for in elections into the management board of the club, etc.

Q:        Who can be a member of AMFC?

A:        AMFC operates an open access and worldwide membership scheme. Our members are drawn from far and wide and we are proud that we have been able to attract members from different parts of Nigeria and abroad.

            Membership is open to natural persons who agree with our objectives.

Q:        Why should I be a member of AMFC?

A:        As pioneers of the member-ownership model in Nigeria, AMFC is a breath of fresh air in the environment of football club administration and ownership in Nigeria. Whereas we do not suggest that other forms of ownership are not viable, we are well aware that our member-ownership model opens up a number of benefits that are much harder if at all possible to achieve through other ownership models.

Should you choose to become a member of the club, in addition to being part of this revolutionary idea, you will become part of a modern football club structure that enhances sustainability, guarantees members/supporters direct influence and participation in decision-making process, promotes inclusivity and thrives on an overall modern outlook to football club management and administration.

Q:        How is AMFC run?

A:        The club is run by a Management Board, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club. The Management Board, which consists of club members, comprises six (6) members. Three members of the Management Board are elective positions, voted for at a General Meeting of the club, while the other three members are nominated by the Trustees of the club. The members of the Management Board then appoint from within themselves key positions, including President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In recognition of the need to maintain the vision upon which the club was founded, the Trustees (made up of founding and/or long-standing members with proven commitment to the club) serve as the custodians of the overall policy and objectives of the Club, as contained in the Club Charter.

Overall, the membership and administration of the club is governed the Bye-laws.

Q:        How is my personal information and data handled?

A:        At AMFC, we are committed to the respect of privacy and the protection of data. Information provided to us is used, stored or otherwise processed by the Club in accordance our privacy policy, which conforms with existing guidelines and legal obligations.

Q:        How can I become a member of AMFC?

A:        The membership procedure is simple and can be completed online in three easy steps:

  1. complete the membership registration form online;
  2. pay the registration fee of N1,000 only, and
  3. upon confirmation of successful application, pay at least your first monthly dues.

The club secretary maintains the register of members, and memebers are entitled to receive a monthly (activity and financial) report from the Management Board.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Abuja Metro FC family!