Our members are vital to the attainment of our objectives and are an integral part of the decision-making process in the running of the club. Members vote on key matters such community projects that the club will engage in, election into the management board of the club, etc. Importantly also, our members are entitled to contest for elective positions into the management board of the club. Members of Abuja Metro FC are registered shareholders of the Abuja Metro Football Development Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society and membership is governed by the Bye-Laws.

 Abuja Metro FC operates an open access and world-wide membership scheme. Our members are drawn from far and wide and we are proud that we have members from beyond the Abuja community – from others parts of Nigeria as well as abroad. The world being a global community, our reach and communal impact stretches to different parts of the globe and we are harnessing modern technological innovations, including the use of social media to stay in constant communication and engagement with our members.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership of Abuja Metro FC include the following:

  • The right to vote and be voted for in elections into the management board of the club
  • The right to vote at general meetings of the club
  • Admission or discounts for club games, activities and events
  • Discounts for club merchandise
  • Discounts from partner retail stores
  • Promotes social integration and networking
  • A share of club profits/net-surplus

Categories of Membership

The membership scheme of Abuja Metro FC is designed primarily to encourage mass participation, and for this purpose, membership dues are targeted at disposable income.

There are three categories of membership:

Green              –          N2,000 per month

Gold                –          N5,000 per month

Platinum          –        N10,000 per month

Membership Procedure

Becoming a member of Abuja Metro FC is a straight-forward process and you can become a member in three easy steps:

  1. complete the membership registration form online;
  2. pay a registration fee of N1,000 only, and
  3. upon confirmation of membership, pay your first monthly dues.

The club secretary maintains a register of members. New members are added to the official social media channel, where member-related information is circulated. Members also receive a monthly (activity and financial) report from the management board.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Abuja Metro FC family! To become a member, please follow this link to our membership registration page.