Resumption: Fauzil Yusuf Share Optimism

Midfielder Fauzil yusuf is excited to be reunited with his fellow players, following the resumption of footballing activities at Abuja Metro Football Club. Recall that Abuja Metro FC went on break after ending 2020 with a 3-2 loss to Habees FC late in December.

The AMFC Media caught up with Midfielder Fauzil who shared his thoughts on the resumption.

“When I heard about the resumption, my heart was filled with joy. I’ve missed virtually everything Soul associated with AMFC. I’m happy and can’t wait to reunite with my co-players”.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected footballing activities and most of 2020 was spent in lockdown. It was a difficult period for Fauzil.

“The lockdown was difficult for me. Every player wants to compete to boost their confidence level and probably win the trophy. The lockdown came as a colossal disorder for players in the FCT and beyond.”

Fauzil, one of Metro’s best midfielders shared his optimism. “To be honest there’s no measure to how much I’ve missed the league. I’m very optimistic same goes to my teammate”.

Abuja Metro FC have resumed training in preparation for the FCT FA League.