Abuja Metro Walk Over Horvel Prime

Abuja Metro FC walked over Horvel Prime FC to record a win in the second round of the 2021/22 FCT FA League. Horvel Prime FC failed to arrive at the Area 3 pitch as scheduled, thus prompting the FCT FA officials to award the match 3-0 in favour of Abuja Metro FC.

Coach Modebe had made few changes to the team that fell to Galadima FC but with the lads took all three points as awarded.

XI: Pyrus jitoboh, Naphtali Oboghare, Dupsonie Ramson, Prince Kennjones, Abdullahi Hussaini, Fauzil Yusuf, Yohannes Oboghare, Charles Utah, Henry Osundu, Ikenna Ekedoro, Leonard Eboh
Subs: Saka Onimisi, Andrew Anuge, Jonathan Habakkuk, Samson Simon, Kwange Verse, Eze Vitus

The win means Horvel Prime finished bottom of the table while Galadima FC progressed as group winner to the Super Six. Abuja Metro FC finished third on the group.


Defeat in the FCT FA League

Abuja Metro FC missed the opportunity to go top of the Group F table after losing 8-0 to Galadima FC with 10 men. With players absent due to injuries and other engagements, the lads were second best to Galadima FC in their second group game of the 2021/22 FCT FA League round 2.

XI: Saka Onimisi, Naphtali Oboghare, Bernard Bitrus, Eze Vitus (A. Anuge 46′), Hussaini Abdullahi, Charles Utah (H. Osundu 65′), Leonard Eboh (S. Simon 65′), Yohannes Oboghare, Ikenna Ekedoro, Tony Opeyemi (F. Yusuf 65′), Jonathan Habakkuk
Subs: Pyrus Jitoboh, Kingsley Odoh, Fauzil Yusuf (T. Opeyemi 65′), Andrew Anuge (E. Vitus 46′), Ramson Dupsonie, Samson Simon (L. Eboh 65′), Henry Osundu (C. Utah 65′)

The Metros had the first chance of the game – Jonathan Habakkuk’s cross from the left hand side found Ikenna Ekedoro but his effort was cleared off the line. The follow up from Tony Opeyemi was blocked.

Thereafter Galadima FC broke the deadlock in the 12th minute. An overhead pass from the Galadima half found a winger who eased off the challenge Bernard Bitrus and slotted beyond Saka in goal. They doubled the lead in the 28th minute and made it 3-0 in the 42nd minute after a defense splitting pass found the striker.

In the second half, things went from bad to worse. A through pass broke the defense and a forward rounded the goalkeeper before slotting in to make it 4-0. In the 64th minute, Bernard Bitrus received a second yellow card after conceding a foul in the box. The resultant penalty was converted to make it 5-0.

The coach made three changes after the red card but Galadima FC made it 6 in the 70th minute. Henry Osundu who came on as a sub was fouled in the box but Ikenna Ekedoro’s penalty kick was saved and Henry Osundu missed the rebound. Galadima FC added two more goals to wrap up the game.

The defeat means Abuja Metro FC will be unable to finish top of the table.

We face Horvel Prime FC in our final group game.


Abuja Metro Drawn in Group F; Begin Second Round Against Casmatt FA

Abuja Metro FC have been drawn in Group F for the second round of the 2021/22 FCT FA League. The draws were made on Wednesday (08/12) and we have been drawn against Casmatt FA, Galadima FC and Horvel Prime FC.

In the first round, Abuja Metro FC, Casmatt FA and Horvel Prime FC finished top of their respective groups while Galadima came second in Group D.

The Full Draws:

Group A: Sensational Stars FC, Turf Arena FC, Waco FC, Tiki-Taka U-17

Group B: New breed FC, Jay 1 FC, Correctional FC, Unified FC

Group C: New Dawn FC, Future Guarantee FC, Royal FC, Basic Maracana FC

Group D: FC International, Scorpion FC, HB Football Academy, AMU FC

Group E: FC Liberty, Catholic Cadet FC, Camp United FC, Abees Football Academy

Group F: Casmatt Football Academy, Galadima FC, Abuja Metro FC, Horvel Prime FC

Only the table toppers will progress to the Super Six which is the final stage of the FCT FA League.

Abuja Metro FC will start off the second round on Friday (17/12) against Casmatt Football Academy.


Abuja Metro Finish Top of the Table, Qualify For Second Round

A goalless draw against IB Sports Dream was enough for Abuja Metro FC as we secured top spot in the group and qualified to the second round of the 2021/22 FCT FA League.

After finishing joint-bottom in the group in our maiden season 2019/20 season, the team put up a determined display today and all through the first round of the tournament to finish top of the table.

Charles Utah & Ikenna Ekedoro made their first start of the tournament with the team battling with a few injuries.

XI: Saka Ominisi, Naphtali Oboghare, Ramson Dupsonie, Prince Kennjones (c), Hussaini Abdullahi (E. Vitus 85′), Charles Utah, Leonard Eboh, Yohannes Oboghare (T. Steven 65′), Ikenna Ekedero (T. Opeyemi 70′), Musa Bashir, Jonathan Habakkuk.

Subs: Pyrus Jitoboh, Eze Vitus (H. Abdullahi 85′), Kehinde Jimoh, Tony Opeyemi (I. Ekedoro 70′), Bernard Bitrus, Temple Steven (Y. Oboghare 65′), Andrew Anuge.

Quick as lightening, IB Sports Dream almost scored the opener but captain Prince Kennjones made a last ditch clearance as the ball attempted to creep in through the corner of the post. Few minutes later, Charles Utah had his shot saved by the IB Sports goalkeeper.

Another chance fell to Ikenna Ekedoro but the IB Sports defenders were quick enough to prevent the shot. Saka Ominisi was called upon twice as he saved the lads from conceding in the second half.

Saka making a save against IB Sports Dream FC

In the second half, Utah & Ekedoro continued from where they stopped in the first half, trying to make up for their previous absence in the starting line up. Utah’s header was saved by Ekedoro’s shot was denied by the crossbar after a shalom run. The follow up was shot wide by Utah.

Musa Bashir’s freekicks from the edge of the box were saved by the IB Sports goal keeper. Kennjones had a header cleared off the line before the referee blew the final whistle.

It was like a victory for the players, making history for the club but coach Chinedu Modebe is looking ahead. Speaking to the media after the game, Coach Modebe is not relaxing at the achievement: “We have to go back to the drawing board. there are still gray areas that need improvement”

With two other matches left to play, one more team from Group G will join Abuja Metro FC in the second round.


Ismail and Eboh on Target as Abuja Metro FC defeat Mallam FC

Goals from Nuhu Ismail and Leonard Eboh gave Abuja Metro FC a 2-1 win over Mallam FC in the 2021/22 FCT FA League.

Coach Modebe made 2 changes to the starting XI that defeated Makinz FC a week ago. Nuhu Ismail made his first start of the competition, replacing Tony Opeyemi. Ramson Dupsonie also made his first start.

XI: Saka Ominisi, Hussaini Abdullahi, Naphtali Oboghare (A. Anuge 72′), Ramson Dupsonie (I. Ekedoro 72′), Prince Kennjones (c), Yohannes Oboghare, Temple Steven, Musa Bashir, Jonathan Habakkuk, Leonard Eboh (C. Utah 60′), Nuhu Ismaili.

Subs: Pyrus Jitoboh, Eze Vitus, Andrew Anuge (N. Oboghare 72′), Dajo Mershak, Charles Utah (L. Eboh 60′), Ikenna Ekedoro (R. Dupsonie 72′), Tony Opeyemi

After a couple of missed chances, the metros opened scoring in the 20th minite. Ismail latched onto a sidefoot pass from Leonard Eboh to put the ball beyond the goal keeper.

13 minutes later, Leo benefitted from Ismail’s tenacity. The striker followed up a poor clearance from Mallam FC, his pass towards Leo took a deflection but Leonard Eboh found the net to make it 2-0.

After the break, Mallam FC halved the deficit in the 56th minute but it was Abuja Metro who pressed on for more goals.

With various chances missed, the game ended 2-1. The win maintains our unbeaten record this season, top of the table and within a point of qualification to the second round.


Leo’s Brace Secures First League Win for Abuja Metro FC

A first half brace from Leonard Eboh and a second half goal from Temple Steven gave Abuja Metro FC a 3-2 win over Makinz FC at the Area 3 pitch in Abuja.

It was the club’s first win of the ongoing 2021/22 FCT FA League, following the matchday 1 draw with Scorpion FC last week.

Coach Modebe made three changes to the starting XI that drew with Scorpion FC. Saka Ominisi, Steven Temple and Tony Opeyemi made their first starts of the league

XI: Saka Onimisi, Naphtali Oboghare, Bernard Bitrus, Prince Kennjones (c), Hussaini Abdullahi, Temple Steven (E. Vitus 85′), Leonard Eboh (N. Ismail 85′), Yohannes Oboghare, Tony Opeyemi (I. Ekedoro 52′), Musa Bashir, Jonathan Habakkuk

Subs: Pyrus Jitoboh, Eze Vitus (T. Steven 85′), Dupsonie Ramson, Nuhu Ismail (L. Eboh 85′), Ikenna Ekedoro (T. Opeyemi 52′), Kwange Verse, Dajo Mershak

It took just 13 minutes for Leonard Eboh to register the opener. Tony Opeyemi’s loop shot was cleared off the line but the clearance fell to Leonard Eboh who sent in a powerful header for the goal.

Leo doubled the lead in the 25th minute, tapping in a low cross from Jonathan Habakkuk on the right. Captain Prince Kennjones found Habakkuk with a well placed pass that caught the Makinz FC defenders off guard.

Leonard Eboh celebrates his second goal of the game

In the second half, Makinz FC came out blazing. Their persistence paid off in the 47th minute when they halved the deficit.

Three minutes later, Temple Steven pounced on a loose ball, skipped past his marker before slotting in beautifully to make it 3-1.

Temple Steven wheels away after scoring the 3rd goal for Abuja Metro FC

Makinz FC pulled one back in the 62nd minute but Abuja Metro FC held on to the 3-2 win.

The win takes Abuja Metro FC to the top of the table. We will play Mallam FC on November 22.


Eboh’s Equalizer Earns Abuja Metro FC a draw in League Opener

Leonard Eboh scored an 89th minute equalizer as 10-man Abuja Metro FC salvaged a draw in their opening match of the 2021/2022 FCT FA League against Scorpion FC.

Starting XI: Gbenga Akande, Hussaini Abdullahi, Kehinde Jimoh (Red Card 59′), Naphtali Oboghare, Bernard Bitrus (Dupsonie Ramson 90′), Prince Kennjones, Yohannes Oboghare, Musa Bashir, Jonathan Habakkuk, Leonard Eboh, Verse Kwange (Ikenna Ekedoro 56′)

Unused Subs: Saka Ominisi, Nuhu Ismail, Dajo Mershak, Eze Vitus, Andrew Anuge.

The game played at the Area 3 pitch saw Coach Modebe’s boys reduced to 10 after Jimoh Kehinde was shown red for a professional foul in the 59the minute.

Scorpion FC scored the opener in the 51st minute after the first half ended goalless.

For the last 30 minutes, Coach Modebe reshuffled his team as they sort and get the equalizer: Jonathan Habakkuk’s shot from the right was too hot for the Scorpion goalie, Leonard Eboh reacted quickest, heading the spill into the net for the equalizer.

Coach Modebe spoke to the AMFC Media after the game: “The boys played well. They gave a good fight”. Jonathan Habakkuk emerged Man of the Match.

With the draw, Abuja Metro FC are joint 2nd on the table behind Makinz FC who defeated IB Sporting Dreams by a lone goal.

Our next match is against Makinz FC next week Tuesday (November 16) at the Area 3 Pitch.


25-Man Squad for the 2021/22 FCT FA League

Coach Chinedu JJ Modebe submitted his final 25-man Squad for the 2021/2022 FCT FA League.

1) Akande Gbenga (GK) 1
2) Ominisi Saka (GK) 12
3) Jitoboh Pyrus(GK) 23
4) Abdullahi Hussaini (CB) 25
5) Vitus Eze (CB) 5
6) Anuge Andrew (CB) 21
7) Umeadi Chibuike (CB) 16
8) Jimoh Kehinde (CB) 15
9) Oboghare Naphtali (RB) 2
10) Ramson Dupsonie (RB) 7
11) Bitrus Bernard (LB) 3
12) Prince Kennjones (DM) 4
13)Oboghare Yohannes(DM) 8
14) Steven Temple(DM) 22
15) Bashir Musa (CM) 10
16) Mershak Dajo(CM) 13
17) Nwankor Tobechukwu (CM) 24
18) Utah Charles (AM) 6
19) Ekedoro Ikenna (RW) 11
20) Osondu Henry (RW) 20
21) Habakuk Jonathan (LW)19
22) Eboh Leonard(LW)17
23) Kwange Verse (ST) 14
24) Opeyemi Tony (ST) 9
25) Ismail Nuhu (ST) 18

Head Coach: Chinedu JJ Modebe

Team Manager: Martins Egbunu

The team will face Scorpion FC at the Area 3 pitch on Wednesday by 9am.


Bethel Onwughara Enters History Books with First Competitive Goal for the Club

After 17 previous friendly and non-competitive matches, history beckoned on us to make a mark in Abuja and Nigeria. We made our competitive debut in November 14, 2019 when we filed out against Da-Priest Prolific FC in the 2019/20 FCT Football Association League at the Area 3 Football pitch, Garki Abuja.

Da-Priest FC opened the scoring in the third minute to put us on the back foot. The goal donned on the players that an equalizer was needed. Up came Bethel Onwughara in the 22nd minute for the equalizer and first goal in the league. The forward controlled a beautiful long-range pass from Prince Kennjones before slotting it beyond the keeper to draw us level.

It was much more than a goal. It was our first statement in Nigeria football โ€“ our first competitive goal in our first competitive game. The game however ended 4-1 in favour of Da-Priest FC.

Speaking to AMFC Media after the game, Bethel expressed happiness with the goal and praised the midfielder that provided the delightful assist: โ€œI’m actually happy to have scored. The goal came as a result of team play and great vision from Prince to have spotted my run.โ€

โ€œIt is a mixed feeling to have scored the club’s first ever league goal due to the final result of the game. It wasn’t the result we expected. The game left a bitter taste for us all because we committed so many errors that we hope to correct on the training ground. I am quite happy to be among these great players representing this great Club and with hard work and commitment, we’ll go places.โ€

Bethel knows there is much work to be done: โ€œI hope to improve on my conversion rate in order to help the team get the results we need.โ€

He further expressed optimism with the club: โ€œI am optimistic that we are heading towards the right part. The management have been trying to encourage us and we will do our best to represent this club badge.โ€