The Club Charter

At Abuja Metro FC, we are committed to being a model football club both on and off the field of play. Our goal is to build a club that all our supporters, the people of the Abuja Metropolis and beyond can be proud of.

To guide us in the pursuit of our goal, our Charter clearly states our mission, vision and policies on relevant issues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a model football club with positive impact in the community, which our supporters and the Abuja metropolis can be proud of.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a model professional football club and compete at the highest level of association football.

Code of Conduct

Everyone associated with the Club, particularly players, staff and officials are required to conduct themselves always in accordance with the highest ethical and or professional standards and not in a manner that could bring the Club or the sport of football to disrepute.


We see ourselves as a part of the Abuja community and we are committed to making positive impact in our community and beyond. Hence, in accordance with our regulatory framework, every year, a percentage of the Club’s revenue is channeled to charitable and developmental purposes within our community.

Equality & Neutrality

We are committed to upholding the principles of equality and anti-discrimination. Also, in accordance with the rules of association football, we are neutral in matters of politics and religion.

Club Teams

In addition to the First/Senior Team, the Club aims to maintain youth and academy teams.

Club Colours and Logo

The primary colours of the Club are Green (signifying growth) and Black (signifying strength). We believe in and strive for constant growth and development and we find strength not just in our numbers but in our togetherness.

Our logo is a creative combination of the ‘AMFC’ acronym with the green and black colours.

Club Membership

The Club will maintain membership schemes and the Secretary shall maintain a Membership Register. The membership schemes shall be such that will encourage broad community participation.


The Club will make available to supporters and the public replica jerseys and other official Club merchandise.

The Club will take necessary efforts to prevent and combat any and all forms of violations of the property rights of the Club and its sponsors or partners.

Communication and Feedback

The club will strive to maintain effective and dynamic communication and feedback mechanism with supporters, sponsors or partners (existing or potential) as well as regulatory bodies and the general public.

The communication and feedback mechanism will include an official website, e-mail, telephone, newsletters, match day programme, social media, fans/supporters/members forum, etc.

Privacy & Data Protection

We are committed to the respect of privacy and protection of data. All information provided to Abuja Metro FC shall be used, stored and otherwise processed by the Club in accordance with existing guidelines and legal obligations.